Top 5 Amazing Games Like Minecraft That You Should Play

For the past few years that you have been playing Minecraft, there is no doubt that the game has probably grown stale for many people. It is among the key reasons that have made sandbox become so popular today.

Currently, many more amazing games have come to provide great pleasure into the sandbox environment. To the Minecraft lovers, these games are not less exciting than Minecraft. They are just amazing like Minecraft itself.
For us, Minecraft sharply focuses on survival, creativity, and freedom. The following listed games focus and fulfill the same criteria. So, Minecraft fans should at least make a trial on these games.

The Forest

This game was produced by Endnight Games. The game has closed premise whereby you find yourself alone in the wilderness, and all you are looking for is survival. Its availability on Steam Early Access is dated back to May 2014, and you can have it for USD $14.99.

Just like you would do in Minecraft, you begin with resource collection, building structures and fashioning your weapons while at the same time you are contending with fearful fire and the humanoid predators on the wilderness of that island.

The game has beautiful, appealing graphics and realistic environment. In addition, there are no built-in quests and missions, this is absolutely free form. Even if the game is somehow horrific, it can’t make you experience nightmares but you may become startled sometimes.


Unturned is a zombie characterized game that can either be played by the single player or multiplayer. There are various features that make it not to be just a hybrid game.

Since the game is technically an early access one, it is not completely polished but there is much to be enjoyed in it.
The game has three difficulty levels; the easy mode where you can frequently loot spawns, normal mode ( standard) and the hardcore mode for those who want to face a challenge and increased danger with a reduced rate of spawn looting.

The game is often updated and is ranked among the top 10 games played on Steam. You can try it today and enjoy.

Life is Feudal

This is another game in Steam Early Access with a hefty price of $39.99. The worthiness of this price all depends on your interests. The game is quite challenging with dangerous adventures and it heavily emphasizes on the nitty-gritty, not as forgiving as Minecraft is. One thing that one may bet is that there is a high probability of you not liking it, and there is also a chance of you loving it. Before making the decision to purchase the game, watch a few Twitch Streams and YouTube videos to get an idea of how it is.

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Kerbal Space Program

Only a few games can reward creativity aspect the way Kerbal Space Program does. There are those who were drawn by the gathering and building aspects of the Minecraft and they didn’t even care for the adventures it had. However, Kerbal Space Program is good enough to make them care due to its adventure survival aspect.

With $29.99, you can get yourself this game from Steam Early Access and it is worth the price. Spaceflight simulator is the core of this game whereby you are provided with components which you are supposed to use to make vehicles and rockets and then use them to complete missions. The wide range of possible combinations and choices creates room for creativity and freedom.

Initially, the game is tough due to a lot of information that you are required to digest, but once you get used to it, it is an absolute blast.


Rust is very much inspired by other sandbox games but its difference is brought about by its different themes and content. With its predecessors being characterized by zombies, this game had the zombies being eradicated early and they will not be brought back.

The game is lovable and with $19.99, you can have it from Steam Early Access. Contrary to Minecraft, the game has got multilayer mode. The game keeps you on your toes because you are not aware who your enemies and friends are. This is what creates a thrilling experience in the game.

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