Everything You Need To Know About Rainbow Six Siege Operation Grim Sky

At the moment, there is soon going to be a huge expansion on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. This expansion can be noticed when Rainbow Six Siege Operation Grim Sky will be released for the public consumption. The 3rd season of the year will bring up to 2 more Operators after June’s Operation Para Bellum. There will be a plethora of changes and the rework of all new maps.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Grim Sky

While the complete for the game is still in a process, this content will help you discover some truth ideas of the next season. According to Ubisoft, there will be a series of changes added to the content of the game. In a nutshell, the game will have new and innovative content. As the summer is upon us, keep reading to discover everything about Rainbow Six Siege Operation Grim Sky.

The date of releasing the game has not been known to the public at the moment. With the previous updates, you can easily make a guess. Players should expect something around September 4, 2018. If possible, before the end of the same week, Ubisoft will release the game. For the Six Major in Paris, the expansion’s complete reveal has been affirmed and will take place on August 19. On August 21, the Technical Test Server debut of the game may also follow. The arrival of the game may sleep too early September if the test completes after 2 weeks.

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The first trailer of Season 3 has been revealed when the management of Ubisoft took to Twitter with its account to spread the message. There is a Hereford Royal Air Force sign in the newly-unleashed GIF shows. Ubisoft has explained a brief review of the new and latest season. The Hereford Base map will be reworked to provide players with enough information. The title Operation Grim Sky is another thing that Ubisoft touched on after revealing its trailer. According to the Ubisoft management, fans can expect more information about the game in the following days prior to its official release.

In Operation Grim Sky, players should watch out for two more new and innovative playable operators. The latest expansion will help you see the difference between CTUs and operators. This is going to work similarly like Operation Chimera. One-half of these characters will come from the USA Delta Force and the other Scotland Yard in the UK. There is an unknown assaultive operation that will be featured in the game. In tactical operations, this operator will have a smart and sharp mind.


Alexander Remy is the brand director of the franchise and mentioned that the team has been working hard on this new Operator breaching position. According to the director, the character that will play this role comes with total determination. The character will help to expand on the skills of Hibana and Thermite. Players will have to be attentive from August to September to get more information about this new game.

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